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About Big Bill

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Here at Big Bill’s Bucktails, each customer is valued and given a trusted & proven product.

Ever since I was a kid I remember buying bucktails, catching a few fish and just like that the hair was gone. I began to realize that these jigs can be made better, and I decided to do exactly that.


At a young age I started out with old jig heads, cheap hair fibers, crazy glue, and some sewing thread. Little did I know it would flourish into Big Bill’s Bucktails. Still made in the same garage in East Northport, New York, my jigs, flies, and teasers all embody the quality and results that I wanted when I was a customer.


I appreciate your support and I look forward to helping you land your next trophy fish!​


It is the quality for me, from hook, hair, feather & thread - Bill does not skip any corners. I have all the confidence in his jigs


Best Jigs, bar none!


You can tell that each product is quality focused. If you hold a bucktail from Big Bill and compare it to a competitor, the difference is clear.
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